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What is herbal medicine?

Herbal Medicine is the use of plant remedies in the treatment of disease. It is the oldest known form of medicine.  Medical Herbalists like Carole, can treat almost any disease that you may take to your doctor. See who can be helped. The relief of long standing symptoms and feeling of increased energy and emotional balance are frequently apparent within weeks with Carole’s combined approach.

Saint Johns Wart

Our ancestors, by trial and error, found the most effective local plants to heal their illnesses. Now, with the advancement of science enabling us to identify the chemical constituents within these plants, we can better understand their healing powers.
Herbalism, in this country is now classed as a "complementary" discipline but it is still the most widely practised form of medicine worldwide with over 80% of the world's population relying on herbs for health.

The Herbalist's Approach

Medical Herbalists such as Carole are trained in the same diagnostic skills as orthodox doctors but take a more holistic approach to illness. The underlying cause of the problem is sought and, once identified, it is this which is treated, rather than the symptoms alone. The reason for this is that treatment or suppression of symptoms will not rid the body of the disease itself. Herbalists use their remedies to restore the balance of the body thus enabling it to mobilise its own healing powers.


Carole has her own dispensary of over 400 organic herbal tinctures, fluid extracts. She uses these to make her patients their individualized herbal medicine after making a thorough assessment of their health. The prescribed herbal prescription can contain between 1-12 different herbs and is taken in teaspoon doses daily and/or tablets or capsules. Carole may also prescribe herbal teas.

How do herbs work?

Plants with a particular affinity for certain organs or systems of the body are used to 'feed' and restore to health those parts which have become weakened. As the body is strengthened so is its power and ability to fight off disease and when balance and harmony are restored, health will be regained.

What are the differences between herbs and pharmaceutical drugs?


Many of the pharmaceutical drugs used today are based on plant constituents and, even now, when scientists are seeking new 'cures' for disease it is to the plant world that they turn. They find, extract and then synthesise in the laboratory a single active constituent from the plant (the active constituent is the part of the plant that has a therapeutic value), this can then be manufactured on a large scale.

Herbal drugs, however, are extracts from a part of the whole plant (e.g. leaves, roots, berries etc.) and contain hundreds, perhaps thousands of plant constituents.

Herbalists believe that the active constituents are balanced within the plant and are made more (or less) powerful by the numerous other substances present. For example, the herb Ephedra sinica is the source of the alkaloid ephedrine which is used, in orthodox medicine, to treat asthma and nasal congestion but it has the side effect of raising blood pressure. Within the whole plant are six other alkaloids one of which prevents a rise in blood pressure.

Synthetic diuretics (drugs that increase the flow of urine) seriously reduce the potassium level in the body, this has to be restored using potassium supplements. The Herbalist uses dandelion leaves which are a potent diuretic but contain potassium to replace naturally that which is lost.


Carole goes one step further than most other herbalists by also incorporating the principles of the new field of Nutrigenomics and Nutrigenetics that have realised we are all biochemical individuals and literally “what is one mans meat is another mans poison”. 

A quote from The Scientist, Sep. 22, 2003 stated "Unfortunately, everything the experts tell us about diet is aimed at the whole population, and we are not all the same." This doesn’t just apply to diet but applies to nutritional supplementation and herbal medicines too.

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