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Stacktheme:Individualised supplements - Distributor of Right4YourType supplements: Unibar, Deflect, Polyvite, Phytocal, Mr Itauru's green tea (The champagne of green tea), Intrinsa and much more.
http://www.right4eu.com >

Environmental Working Group - Environmental Working Group is a nonprofit environmental research organization and a leading content provider for public interest groups and concerned citizens. Though a US based site, it still contains a lot of relevant info. for us in the U.K.
http://www.ewg.org >

Graig Farm Organics - Graig Farm Organics is one of the pioneers of organic meats and other organic foods including tuna in the UK.
http://graigfarmorganics.co.uk >

Dr. Majid Ali - Surgeon, pathologist, immunologist, ecologist and publisher of over 75 books and scientific papers. His site contains a lot of useful information one can use to gain a greater undersanding into the cause of disease.
http://www.majidali.com >

Soil Association - The Soil Association is the UK's leading campaigning and certification organisation for organic food and farming.Campaigns for organic food, farming, products and sustainable forestry. Includes articles, forum, directory and news.
http://www.soilassociation.org >

The British Society of Ecological Medicine - The principal aim of the Society is to promote the study and good practice of allergy, environmental and nutritional medicine, for the benefit of the public. Carole has been an associate member for 9 years and is a regular attendee of their meetings.
http://www.ecomed.org.uk >

The Institute for Human Individuality - Carole is a master of the IFHI whose prime goal is to provide a molecular understanding for how common dietary chemicals affect health by altering the expression or structure of an individualís genetic makeup.
http://www.ifhi-online.org >

National Institute of Medical Herbalists (NIMH) - The NIMH is one of the world's oldest professional bodies representing qualified herbalists. Established in 1864, NIMH is the UK's leading authority on herbal health matters. Carole has been a member since 1998.
http://www.nimh.org.uk >

The Third Space Medicine (TTSM) - TTSM is Londonís leading Integrated medical centre, dedicated to providing the highest level of integrated health care available. Registered with the Health Care Commission, Carole has worked as part of the TTSM team since it opened in 2001.
http://www.thethirdspace.com >

Spelt Healthy: Delicous Spelt cookbook. - A Whole Food Cookery book using spelt for uncomplicated, authentic food with complex, savory, sumptuous tastes and textures. Learn how to enjoy worldly foods that light up slumbering taste buds and your spirit but not your stomach.
http:///www.spelthealthy.com >

Dr. Peter D'Adamo author of Eat Right Series. - The first science that understands people as biochemical individuals. Following decades of on-going research and clinical work, Dr. DíAdamo created The Blood Type Diets, a way of eating and living that has transformed the health of millions.
http://www.dadamo.com >

Guide to alternative mental health problems - Commentary on Nutritional Treatment of Pscychological/Emotional Disorders by Dr William Walsh. Carole uses a lot of similar principles.
http:///www.alternativementalhealth.com >

Hunter Kane - Sells Freeze-Framer, Heart rhythm moniter, designed to prevent, manage and reverse the negative effects of stress, enabling users to learn how to operate their mind-body-heart as a unified system, achieving new levels of health and well-being.
http://www.hunterkane.com >

Maceys organic food - Organic meat and poultry and an exclusive selection of organic and free range gluten, additive, preservative free gourmet treats. Specialises in Eat Out at Home.
http://www.maceysorganicfood.co.uk >

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