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Live blood analysis

Saint Johns Wart

Is your internal terrain a clean friendly environment for our helper organisms to thrive and the blood to flow, or is it a congested hostile environment full of of toxic substances and pathogens?

Live blood analysis allows us to gain valuable insights into your current and future level of health.

Saint Johns Wart

It is not a diagnostic procedure but a screening tool, which indicates the effects of dietary and lifestyle factors on health. From a tiny, highly magnified sample of blood, Carole can identify certain abnormalities of the blood and plasma. This assessment provides an important tool in preventative health care, as unlike traditional blood tests that measure quantities of cells, this test measures the quality of your cells thereby giving prior warning of oncoming challenges that often show up in the blood even years before any symptoms/conditions develop. At an early stage appropriate intervention using nutritional/herbal medicine, coupled with simple lifestyle adjustments can help your genes express themselves in the most positive way possible for you as an individual thereby mitigating your genetic tendencies to develop degenerative diseases in later life

Saint Johns Wart

Carole will also be alerted as to what conventional tests need to carried out in order to best determine your current level of health or disease. A thorough examination of the state of the live blood will allow Carole to observe the following:

  1. Indication of low immune status.
  2. The condition of the red blood cells, liver, kidney, pancreatic, heart, lung, prostate, ovarian, breast and other organ stress.
  3. Detection of the presence of parasites, yeast, fungus, moulds.
  4. Blood sugar imbalance/malabsorption of fats and protein.
  5. Nutrient malabsorption/ vitamin deficiency.
  6. Crystalline forms such as uric acid, cholesterol and mycotoxins.
  7. Trends associated with gastro-intestinal tract dysfunction and degenerative conditions.
  8. Heavy metal toxicity.
  9. Oxidative stress.
  10. Predisposition to cancer or other degenerative diseases.
Saint Johns Wart

This will allow us to consider various nutritional factors that often prove to be the underlying causes of chronic ill-health.

Serious health problems often respond positively to the holistic approach to treatment facilitated by Live Blood Analysis.

As your blood picture will reveal the degree of disturbance your body is having to cope with, the positive visual changes you can observe week by week gives you as a patient encouragement to continue with your individual regimen of life style change, supplementation and diet.

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We can all live a more healthy, happy, active life. We just need to learn how!

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