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Pain and inflammation

Pain is a necessary evil to signal something is wrong within the body. Acute pain is any pain caused by an immediate trauma or condition. Acute pain acts as a warning signal to the body. Chronic pain on the other hand, is a pain lasting longer than six months that interferes with a person's daily activity. Both types of pain respond well to herbal and nutritional medicine that can reduce inflammation and help promote healing without causing Leaky gut syndrome (see Other Health Concerns).

Each person experiences pain differently. Pain arises by stimulation of special sensory endings responding to bodily pressure, heat, cold, irritation, injury, stress (emotional) and disease. Ensuing feelings of depression and hopelessness tend to heighten the experience of pain by causing increased heart rate, blood pressure, respiration, sweating and muscle tension. The length of time pain is experienced is based on the amount of tissue injury and can manifest in many areas of the body

• Dull ache
• Soreness in the sensory nerves
• Sharp shooting twinges
• Muscle wasting
• Gripping, burning, gnawing, throbbing or pulsating sensation
• Numbness

Inflammation is a powerful systemic response. Increasingly scientists are learning that inflammation is a factor in many diseases not previously though of as inflammatory. These include heart disease, diabetes and Alzheimer's disease. Although inflammation can do a lot of damage, its initial role is protective. Without an adequate inflammatory response by the bodies' cells, we would not survive for long, since the inflammatory response is necessary to fight infection and heal damaged tissue. The possible causes are many and include:

• Trauma
• Obesity
• Tumour or growths
• Poor muscle development
• Endocrine dysfunction i.e. adrenal gland or pituatry exhaustion
• Poor posture
• Flat feet
• Food sensitivities, such as lactose intolerance causing abdominal pain
• Coffee-appears to increase pain sensitivity
• Emotional response
• Poor diet-over acid diet that eats away protective mucous membrane
and nerve sheathing: lack of green vegetables and calcium rich foods
• Dental problems
• Nerve impingements
• Cytokine and/or prostaglandin formation
• Disease conditions

It is when the inflammation becomes protracted that it causes chronic inflammation that can cause any of the following types of pain:

• Abdominal pain
• Angina pain
• Arthritis, Ankylosing Spondylitis
• Back/Neck Pain
• Cancer pain
• Diabetes
• Fibromyalgia
• Headache
• Multiple Sclerosis
• Shingles and post herpetic neuralgia
• Stomach pain
• Trigeminal neuralgia

There are many nutrient applications that can help the muscles relax, reduce pain and pain perception and inflammation.

Whenever suffering from pain it is more important than ever to eat wise food choices based on your unique genetic type. There are foods that that can act as medicines in many disease syndromes and knowing which foods have these beneficial actions can dramatically enhance your chances of recovery.

Carole will help you determine which foods and other factors may be contributing to your chronic pain and which foods and supplements can be consumed to reduce your pain and inflammation thereby hastening your recovery.

Individualised nutritional strategies are designed to work in a complimentary way with other therapies. They can benefit you by:

• Attacking the underlying cause of pain syndromes. Eating right for
your unique genetic type promotes a healthy immune system, reducing the potential for infections that can trigger diseases such as arthritis and normalising the inflammatory response.

• Relieving the symptoms. Patients using Carole's protocols typically
experience a reduction of pain and inflammation. Supported by the exercise and lifestyle guidelines, they also report more energy and greater joint flexibility( See Testimonial).

• Counterbalancing the side effects of conventional treatments. Many
medical treatments for disease such as arthritis have side effects, some if which are severe. For example non-steroidal anti-inflammotories (NSAIDS) will frequently cause Leaky Gut. Using Carole's individualised protocols and herbal prescriptions can reduce the potential to develop this condition or heal it, if already developed.

• Minimising the risk of medical complications: Disease, causing pain
syndromes do not exist in a vacuum. Scientists are increasingly discovering correlations between the inflammatory properties of diseases such as arthritis and the risk for other serious diseases, including heart disease, kidney disease, and depression. By recognising and addressing the blood type-specific risk factors for these diseases, you can help prevent their occurrence.

• Establishing overall health and fitness: Carole's nutritional and
herbal protocols combined with individualised exercise and lifestyle strategies support and promote optimal health. Your diet plan will be tailored to emphasise foods that support digestive, immune and metabolic balance, fight obesity (a factor in the development of osteoarthritis) and improve strength and fitness by reducing fat and building lean muscle mass.

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