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A Non Secretor Female, age 36

"After years of suffering with irregular periods and bad skin, I was finally diagnosed as having PCOS when having trouble getting pregnant. My doctor suggested a course of fertility drug Clomid which made my PCOS symptoms worse and also made me put on weight andcaused mood swings and depression. And it failed to help me become pregnant.

I decided to try a more natural approach and met with Carole Symons, who devised a nutritional plan for my blood type and my hormone imbalance. Within two weeks people startedcommenting on how well I looked and within three weeks I was pregnant, after a year and half of trying.

Chloe Scrivener, A Secretor Female, age 33

I have been coming to see Carole Symons for about a year now and my life has changed dramatically. When I first came I was very depressed and feeling pretty low about my life, infact I was in tears when I arrived.

I believe I have been suffering from depression all my life. I have tried various different things and thought it wasn't right for someone of my age (now 33) to keep getting so low.

I went to see my GP and they gave me a prescription of Prozac. I spent the following few days debating whether or not to take them. I decided not to and made an appointment to see Carole at the Third Space Medicine. I wanted more than just a prescription drug. I wanted to find someone who could help me properly I guess.

Caroles support, advice and medicine has been a major influence in turning my life around. It sounds dramatic but I feel so grateful that I at last feel normal, happy and positive. Carole is more than someone who just prescribes medicine, she is supportive, and has educated me.

I have since changed my diet and eat according to my blood group (A Secretor) and take complimentary herbs to help me maintain balance. I feel stronger and feel that I have made changes that I can continue with for the rest of my life. I also know exactly what I am taking and evryone around me has noticed the difference!

Sam Cartmell, Male O Secretor age 38.

My names is Sam, I'm 38 years old and have been seeing Carole for round five months. Until then I was completely unaware of blood group diets and was cynical of herbal medicine. However I was also obese, struggling to lose weight and keen to try something new. The results have been fantastic. I've lost 5 stone (32kg) and feel a completely different person. In addition people who haven't seen me for a while say they don't recognise me, which is fairly petrifying. I have been doing lots of exercise too but it is Carole's blood group diet and encouragement that have made the real difference. The diet hasn't been too painful. It turns out I'm not allowed to eat cheese or wheat bread – two things I used to consume in large quantities. But when you see the results, the small sacrifices are worth it. I like telling people my blood group means I'm a 'hunter gatherer' - able to eat naturally occurring foods – fish, meat, berries etc as opposed to processed things. It sounds more masculine than telling people you're 'cutting our dairy'. I'd definitely recommend Carole to anyone who wants to lose weight or just live a healthier life. She's fun and full of encouragement – although some of her herbal concoctions taste like horse urine.

Andrea D'Amico Gibson. A lewis-negative, female, age 50.

I am 50 years old and am a relatively healthy woman . Over the last 10 years , however, I have had an unusually stressful Menopause, which resulted in having to be put on HRT. I had been treating my symptoms with natural medicines. Although the HRT helped to relieve my immediate menopausal problems and reorient my life, it was always very clear that it would not be a lasting form of Therapy . After 3 years on HRT , I struggled to get off this treatment , with every attempt the side affects were still very extreme , It was at that point I discovered EAT RIGHT4 YOUR TYPE, and began the diet in July of last year. I followed the Type A Secretor version , which worked to a certain extent but I was very tired and still quite low. I made an appointment with Carole Symons ( Nutrionist) and after a variety of further blood tests I discovered that I was a Non Secretor with Lewis Negative . After my meeting with Carole last October 2006, I was put on a diet fitting to an extreme Non Secretor, and by the end of December of that same year I went off HRT with absolutely no side effects . To date I keep a strict Type A Non Secretor diet ( along with my
husband who also follows a Type O Non Secretor diet) accompanied
with herbs, administered by Carole which have helped enormously with the residual problem of hot flushes. It has been a life saving discovery for both myself and my family.

Steve  O Secretor  age 33, and Sally Elliot  A Secretor age 33.

After trying unsuccessfully to conceive for 1 year we booked into a 6
week Fertility Package at the Third Space Medicine. The 6 week package
included consultations and herbal medicines with Carole Symons and
Bernie Nolan, shiatsu master and acupuncturist.

We had both been vegetarians for many years and Carole advised us that our diet was very protein deficient and lacking enough vegetables and fruit to provide us with the vitamins and minerals necessary to build
healthy sperm and eggs.

Carole prescribed us both a herbal tonic and supplements to balance
our hormones to improve our chances of conception.

Over the next few weeks we incorporated the suggested changes into our diets. It was actually quite enjoyable adding variety to our diet
including extra fish and vegetables and I (Steve) started to eat organic
steak 1-2 a week.  I remember Carole walking us around Fresh and Wild and filling up our basket with food!  We kept diet diaries so Carole could
check if our diets were balanced and healthy.

Throughout the 6 week course Carole encouraged us both to be positive
and to visualise the pregnancy and everybody congratulating us on the
birth of our beautiful baby.

It worked! We have just had our 20 week scan and everything is
perfect.  We are now very excited and looking forward to holding our
much wanted baby.

Cheryl Sternstein A Secretor age 24.

After suffering from M.E for 4 years I visited Carole to see how
lifestyle changes could ease my symptoms. I was tired, having
headaches, catching every virus that came about and felt generally down
about it all. Having met with Carole and being introduced to the blood
group lifestyle, my life has been turned around. By changing my diet
and my type of exercise, my M.E symptoms are rare these days and are
usually only aggravated if I eat something I know I shouldn’t.

The Blood Group lifestyle is easy to follow. People are under the
impression that cutting common foods out of your diet is hard and
leaves you limited with choice. However there is so much available that
you can substitute foods with, now I do not realise my diet is any
different. I do a lot more Pilates and Yoga then running and I still
feel full of energy, slim and healthy.

Carole has changed the way I live my life and I cannot imagine living
it any other way now.

Female O Secretor, Chartered Physiotherapist, age 52.

I  was prompted to see Carol as I had severe pain and swelling in my
hands and wrists. Sometimes it was so painful I couldn’t even squeeze the toothpaste and one day it was so bad I was unable to treat a patient. My ankles were painful too and my energy  and mood was at an all time low.

After a very thorough case history Carole decided to test me for leaky gut syndrome as I had a campylobacter bowel infection shortly before my pain started. Carole took a urine test and diagnosed that I did indeed have leaky gut syndrome.

Carole started me on an eating plan for an O secretor with arthritis and leaky gut syndrome. The main changes meant substituting wheat for spelt or rye bread, soya milk instead of cow milk and sweet potatoes for potatoes and lots more vegetables. Carole also prescribed a herbal medicine to improve my energy, reduce the inflammation and heal my leaky gut.

Carole referred me back to a specialist and I was diagnosed with nodular rheumatoid arthritis superimposed over osteoarthritis with severe deformity of the thumb joints. The specialist was surprised when I repeatedly refused his offer of steroid injections, however, I could feel the pain decreasing after only a few weeks and it wasn’t long before my severe pain at rest was only a mild discomfort when performing deep manipulations on my patients.

I now have much more energy, am pain free and my joint swellings have almost completely gone down. I still keep to the dietary recommendations and take my herbal prescription and supplements daily. But now my leaky gut is healed, I don’t have to be so strict.

I would recommend Carole to anyone wanting to heal a chronic illness or just to learn how to live a healthier life and help prevent the chronic diseases of ageing.

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We can all live a more healthy, happy, active life. We just need to learn how!

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