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Lose Weight Without Losing Your Health

It may seem some can eat ice cream and pizza and never gain a pound.  Perhaps you not only don't lose weight but also suffer digestive/emotional problems and cravings when you eat these foods.

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Why? The key is found in protein molecules in foods called lectins. Lectins have been hailed as the major anti-nutrients of food. Inherited genetic characteristics will help you predict which lectins are good and which may be harmful, causing many symptoms including weight gain and cravings.

Due to our uniqueness, what works for one may not work for another Carole will help you determine which foods are the ones that will help you lose weight and which foods will impair your weight loss and cause weight gain.

As a personal trainer diet coach for many years and someone who has had her own issues with her relationship to food in the past, Carole can fully understand how hard it can be. Caroles own issues with dieting and ill health were resolved when she discovered eating right for her genetic type 10 years ago. She can therefore offer you lots of support, practical exercise ideas as well as recipes and shopping tips.

An individual diet and herbal prescription will be devised after for you, after a thorough case history looking at you as an individual, focusing on healthy sustained weight loss, hormonal rebalancing and emotional support. You will be asked to complete a diet symptom diary to record your eating habits and any symptoms you may be experiencing such as:

  • Bloating
  • Water retention
  • Cravings
  • Tiredness
  • Constipation
  • Irritability and anxiety
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This will be monitored at each visit to ensure your diet is balanced, nutrient dense and fibre rich. The dietary recommendations may be adjusted according to your response. Carole aims for a weight loss of between 1lb-1k each week. Slow sustained weight loss is healthy weight loss.

Many weight loss diets are based on quick fixes. You lose a promised amount of weight in a certain number of weeks for a holiday or to get into a dress for a special occasion. Often, soon after the holiday is over or the special occasion has passed the weight will gradually creep back on.

Why is that so?

You haven’t addressed the reasons why you are overweight in the first place, these can be multifold including hormonal/metabolic/emotional imbalances as well as eating the wrong foods for your genetic type. Or you have lost weight too quickly and are the classic yo-yo dieter.

Blood tests will be performed if hormonal or metabolic imbalances are suspected. Common hormonal/metabolic problems leading to weight gain are:

  • Underactive thyroid
  • Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)
  • Syndrome X, insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome
  • Diabetes

If you have experienced that yo-yo effect time and time again you will have realized that it takes more than willpower to maintain your ideal weight. If you lose weight too quickly and then put it back on you will end up fatter than before and this is why:

  • If you reduce your weight by 10 kg, you will lose about 4 kg fat, 4 kg muscle and 2kg water.
  • Your metabolism is now reduced as you have less muscle, if you go back to eating like before, the weight will gradually creep back.
  • You would have regained only 1k muscle but 7kg fat and 2kg of water.
  • The muscles are the main locations for fat burning, so you are now in a situation where you burn less energy and gain more fat.
  • Without changing your eating habits, your body will gradually run to another 5kg fat as you have less fat burning muscle tissue.
  • That means by losing 10 kg through weight reduction and then going back to normal eating you are, at the end, 5 kg heavier but 8kg fatter!

As general recommendations for 80% of the population:

  • For a delicious breakfast/post workout smoothie blend your whole fruit or frozen berries with  a cup of carrot juice ( rich in beta carotene, smokers are low in this vitamin) or vegetable juice, 2 tablespoons of  Right4You protein powder, a dessertspoon of flax oil (we need good fats to lose fat) and a tablespoon of  lecithin (rich in choline, an essential nutrient for efficient brain function also helps emulsify fat),
  • For a healthy treat, occasional meal replacement or post workout snack instead of chocolate, try a chocolate Uni-bar  (a delicious almond, rice bran, egg white and cherry flavour protein bar that will not cause a blood sugar high and contains no harmful lectins).
  • Fill your plate with green, red and orange vegetables instead of a large plate of pasta or rice and a piece of lean organic protein the size of your palm.
  • Replace coffee with green tea. Green tea helps modulate mood and encourages weight loss.  
  • Eliminate all cakes, biscuits, pies.
  • No sugar, white flour, not too much alcohol, over eating, or processed food.
  • And enough activity for your body to build up muscle and burn fat.
  • Drink at least 1.5 litres of filtered water to help flush out toxins
  • Substitute wheat with spelt, 100% rye or brown rice products
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Most supermarkets sell spelt flour and you can bake your own simple loaf (see links). The wheat lectin gluten is in higher levels in wheat than other grains and recent research suggests wheat lectin may cause leptin resistance leading to obesity as well as many of the diseases of affluence. Leptin is a powerful hormone produced in fat cells that controls most other hormones. Leptins effects are responsible for erratic behaviour, cravings, hunger, energy expenditure and the ability or inability to attain and maintain a healthy body weight.

How can it be that wheat isn't good for anyone? Hasn't it been a staple in man's diet for thousands of years?

Wheat as we know is not the same as it was, due to genetic engineering, the protein in wheat has increased from two to fourteen percent. This has had the effect of making wheat a viable source of protein for many people around the world, but has also increased the portions of the plant (gliadin, gluten and lectin containing proteins), almost seven-fold that interfere with metabolism and cause allergy and inflammation.

The following supplements may also help:

  • Gluco-balance before meals to balance blood sugar and reduce cravings (see links, do not take without consulting a practitioner if suffering from high blood sugar levels).
  • Polyvite and Phytocal 4YourType – individualized multivitamin and mineral.
  • Deflect 4YourType  a lectin blocker that assists weight loss and enhances metabolism.
  • 4YourType Protein powder many generic protein powders contain whey (a derivative of milk) or soya which is great for some individual types but can cause problems with other genetic types.
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Carole’s recommendations are healthy eating plans for life not just a few weeks, it is a way of eating to enhance your health, avoid cravings, yo-yo dieting and maintain your ideal weight forever.

Carole and her colleague Gloria Thomas NLP/hypnotherapis offer a weight management package combining a mind body approach to weight management. Gloria will further help you explore the emotional triggers that may lead to weight gain and the inability to lose weight.

Awareness is the key to change, and we will both offer you solutions to allow you to create positive self-image.

If you want to break free from that vicious cycle of yo-yo dieting.

Contact Us or phone the Clinic of your choice to book an appointment >

We can all live a more healthy, happy, active life. We just need to learn how!

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