blood testing in laboratory


Through various labs, I offer a full range of testing including: Blood Profiles, Metabolic, Stool, Allergy, Immunology, Toxicology, Myco-toxins, Nutrition status, Hormonal, Adrenal Stress tests, Neurotransmitter testing, Functional Biology, Organic acids, Alzheimers predisposition, Genetic Testing, Allergy and Food  sensitivity, Tissue antibody testing to name a few.

These tests are all entirely optional. However, in combination with your family history, medical history and lifestyle, some testing can be a useful indicator of your individual susceptibility to potential disease risk factors - which we can address through diet, environment, lifestyle and supplement interventions.

Testing is conducted to determine environmental inputs (the air you breathe and the water you drink, food sensitivity, your level of physical exercise, and toxic exposures) together with genetic makeup to understand how the body’s key processes are affected by your environment, as well as your experiences, attitudes, and beliefs.

Assessment of processes is related to larger biological functions, such as how your body deals with toxins; the health of the digestive system; inflammatory responses and how effectively one produces energy and what we can do to enhance these pathways. All of these processes are influenced by both environmental factors and your genetic make-up; when they are disturbed or imbalanced, they lead to symptoms, which can lead to disease if effective interventions are not applied.

Prevention is the key. Most imbalances in functionality can be addressed; some can be completely restored to optimum function, and others can be substantially improved. If we test at early stages, we can correct deficiencies, deal with toxicities, adopt an individualised healthy diet and exercise regime and give ourselves the best chance of living a long healthy, happy active life with reduced risk of disease.